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Washburn Public Library Board of Trustees

Washburn Public Library

Board of Trustees

Tuesday November 6th 2018

5 p.m.

Library Basement Meeting Room


·         Call to order

·         Proof of posting

·         Approval of Minutes

·          Public Input

·         City Budget Report

·         Approval of Expenditures

·         Activity Account

·         Librarian's Report

·         Committee Reports


New Business

·         Tuckpointing of Building/Fundraising - Discussion

·         ADA Unloading Ramp – Discussion

·         NWLS Member Agreement – Discussion/Action

·         Director’s Evaluation Committee – Discussion/Action

·         Roof Repair – Discussion/Action

·         Friends of the Library - Discussion

·         Summary of Director and Board Discussion/Action                                                                                                                                                                                                 


If anyone in the public is wishing to attend the library board meeting, and needs assistance, please notify the director ahead of time at (715) 373-6172.



To serve as an essential hub of information and support for the citizens of Washburn, anticipating and adapting to meet their current and future needs.



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